Zéro-Gâchis becomes Smartway

2021 is a brand new year for our company! We are changing our name to Smartway so we can meet our ambition of a worldwide expansion. This rebranding doesn’t change anything to our goal: we will provide better and better solutions to reduce food waste in supermarkets.

This new identity supports our expertise: dealing with food waste in a pragmatic, smart, and efficient way, aiming to choose the best paths for every single food item that needs saving from the trashcans.

Moving forward, fighting better!

Changing our identity right now conveys our will to move faster in the fight against food waste. We are involved in this for years to come and committed to taking it worldwide. Everything we’re doing is now international, consistent, and more dynamic.

The European expansion we started in 2018 now accelerates with the creation of the Food Waste Management System: it’s global, adaptable, and applicable everywhere in the world. This is the first step of many exciting ones to come!

All of our B2B products are rebranded

« Zéro-Gâchis » will keep on existing. But from now on, this brand is solely about the supermarkets’ aisles. Nothing changes for the final consumers, at all.

We are also reinforcing our presence on the field to help every supermarket and its team use our solutions. We are very proud to innovate with food retailers, leaders in the fight against food waste.

For our customers

For our current customers, some changes are worth noting:

  • Our email addresses “xxxx@zero-gachis.com” are now “xxxx@smartway.ai“. You can reach out to us on both of these until the end of 2021, but you might have to adjust the smartway.ai domain name to your list of authorized senders.
  • Our products now have new names: Easyturn is Smartdetection, Epsilon is Smartdecision, and Optistick/”Zéro-Gâchis printer” is Smartdiscount.
  • Everything else (postal address, contracts, billing details, customer service number, etc.) stays the same.
  • If you have questions, feel free to reach out to your sales privileged interlocutor or call us: +33 (0)
Paul-Adrien was awarded by the MIT Technology review about Smartdecision, the first AI dedicated to help retailers manage their food waste

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