On average, a supermarket wastes as much as it earns

Around 1.3% of retailers revenues are thrown away as food waste, whereas they earn only 1% net income.

Several rescue channels can be leveraged, but profitability may vary by twice as much.
Decision making on which rescue channel to pick will deeply impact the net income of supermarkets.

Increasing profitability means using the best rescue channel for each product in order to save more products at the best possible economic value.

Shrinking food loss by maximizing gains

We provide smart and efficient apps to help retailers achieve the best performances. Supermarket employees can implement proper food waste management processes and decide what's the best output for every product to rescue.
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Best rescue channel

Between markdown sales, charities or magic boxes.

Best discount rate

By continuously analysing data

Surge of net income

Thanks to our value-centric approach

Stocks management

Thanks to a direct link to reorder management

Optimize every step to make the whole process better

Thanks to the Food Waste Management System and all our tools, our clients are able to make the best out of every situation to reduce food waste: a better detection for less shrink in the aisles, a better decision-making process that guarantees law-compliance and optimizes revenue paths, and tailored discounts to aim for the highest profit possible.
The whole thing is packed in a perfect toolkit for employees that will gain time every day.
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Measurable results

Several of our partners achieved a no-food-waste goal by using our different solutions.
They are now using our AI-Engine to increase profitability even more.

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net income increase in a no-food-waste store

E.Leclerc from Argentan is one of our historical clients. It saves 100% of its food items, and keeps increasing its revenues.
Mid-2019, we set Smartdecision up with them. It helped maintain the store recovery ratio at 100% but also increased its profitability by 20%. The algorithms fully optimized the rescue channel decision-making for each product and guided the teams to the best markdown prices.

With the same performance level, a supermarket with a food-loss ratio the same as its net income could increase the latter by 53% every year.

We are here to help you improve your food waste management.

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