Smartway founders profiled in Forbes

The American business magazine Forbes no longer needs to be introduced… Paul-Adrien and Christophe Menez, founders of Smartway, had the pleasure of having a description dedicated to them.

Tracing the history of Smartway, their desire to have an impact on society, the development of solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to fight against food waste, the article presents the genesis of the Food Waste Management System, a unique technological platform solutions to optimize the entire process for managing unsold products.

The article also highlights Smartway’s successes since its creation:150 million euros in savings for consumers, 56,846 tons of fresh produce saved from food waste, in more than 900 stores today, in France and in Europe.


Paul-Adrien Menez
CEO & Co-founder of Smartway

“We believe that stores should never pay to help the planet get better and should even be rewarded for it. It’s a win-win partnership for the store, the planet, the consumer, the charities and Smartway, as Paul-Adrien Menez says in the article.

And for tomorrow, what is their vision? To increase the no-waste impact on the planet. How can we do this? With a development strategy by group rather than store by store, relying in particular on performance-driven know-how.


Christophe Menez
COO & Co-founder of Smartway

“So we wondered how to create impact quickly. The first obstacle was time. Instead of doing market research, I took plane tickets with an associate to tour Europe and meet with French decision-makers internationally,” as Christophe Menez explains.

Smartway will also rely on an unparalleled speed of execution, taking the example of the deployment in 3 months of the 350 integrated Auchan stores, and finally by relying on Artificial Intelligence to continue to provide solutions that have a very strong operational impact for the stores, their employees and their customers.

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