Smartway’s anti-waste solutions at Auchan on TF1’s 20h

This September 29, as part of the international day of awareness of food loss and waste, the first French television channel TF1 broadcast a report on the fight against food waste, on the 8 o’clock news (20h) in its section “Our planet”. 

The central question of the report? How to put an end to food waste by simple gestures. Among other solutions proposed such as the installation of anti-waste applications for consumers, or food donation, focus on the “Anti-Gaspi”(anti-waste) shelves of the French retailer Auchan equipped with Smartway anti-waste solutions.

In all Auchan hypermarkets and supermarkets, products close to their expiration date are labeled with smart and attractive discounts, then placed in an “Anti-Gaspi” area dedicated to their resale. 

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“(Smartway solutions) allow us to reduce the number of products thrown away every day, it’s a very interesting approach for our customers because it allows them to access products at a very attractive price.” explains Jean Treguer, manager of Auchan Châtillon.

And consumers are very satisfied with this new service offered by their store; in a period of inflation, they have easier access to choice and quality products, while doing something for the environment.

In France and in Europe, our solutions against food waste allow Auchan Retail France to accomplish a feat that no other retailer has yet achieved: to equip the entirety of its supermarkets and hypermarkets in a territory with colossal results.

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 “(In one full year), Auchan will have managed to save 35 million food products, on the scale of a single group in France it is monumental.” 

Christophe Menez, COO & Co-founder of Smartway

Watch the replay of the TF1 report, with the testimony of Jean Treguer, manager of Auchan Châtillon >>