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How did E.Leclerc Pamplona achieve a net shrinkage rate in the fresh produce section of 0.3% in 1 year? 

Store surface area : 9 500 m2
Solutions : SmartdetectionSmartdecisionSmartdiscount

The E.Leclerc Pamplona supermarket is located in Spain’s Navarra region, and has a store surface area of 9,500 m2. Fully committed to fighting food waste for several years already, the store has been a Smartway customer since 2018.

Prior to using Smartway’s anti-waste solutions, the store did not have an automated process for date management. Dates were checked manually every morning and products were labelled with pre-edited stickers. Once the discount was applied, the checkout process was error-prone and product traceability was not guaranteed. 

Philippe Gruau, Owner of E.Leclerc Pamplona, a strong advocate of zero-waste, wanted to automate the shrinkage management process to save time, improve the store’s anti-waste image and optimise costs.

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Detect products approaching their use-by date to guarantee 0 expired products on the shelf

Every morning, the teams check the dates and rotate the products on the shelves. Smartdetection, the GPS for short dates, allows store employees to easily identify products that no longer comply with the store’s freshness charter

Thanks to prompt handling of Smartdetection alerts, there are no more expired products on the shelves of E.Leclerc Pamplona, it’s as simple as that! Products that were previously thrown away are now detected in time to be repurposed. Today, the store can guarantee its consumers that its shelves only contain products complying with the freshness charter.

Recovery of 77% shrinkage on fresh produce

Innovative solutions to improve the teams’ day-to-day work


One of the store’s priorities was to roll out smart, automated solutions which help teams to save time every morning. 

Our anti-waste experts therefore advised the store to work with our smart decision-making assistant, Smartdecision. This is an effortless way for the store to guide products to their second life. The solution is based on Artificial Intelligence; it guides short-dated products removed from the shelves to food donation or the application of an anti-waste discount based on the quantity available and its potential resale rate.

In addition, E.Leclerc Pamplona uses the Smartdiscount short-dated product labelling solution. Time spent on labelling is reduced by 90%: the store scans the product’s old barcode and Smartdiscount automatically prints a label with a discount rate adapted to the product. This ensures both the traceability and resale of the products!

The store has achieved a 21% reduction in net shrinkage in just one year with Smartway solutions! Smartdecision also enables the store to choose the most profitable channel for repurposing, and with Smartway solutions the store saves an average €50 per day.

Time spent on labelling is reduced by 90%

The store has achieved a 21% reduction in net shrinkage in just one year!

“They are incredibly easy to use, fully automated and smart solutions. We have stepped into the future.”

Philippe Gruau, Owner of E.Leclerc Pamplona

Reduce store shrinkage while improving your eco-responsible image

The objective of E.Leclerc Pamplona is to deliver excellent customer service. A Zero Waste section is available to consumers in the store: a refrigerated display cabinet containing all the short-dated products of the day at reduced prices. And because this area is located near the bakery section, which is a popular shopping aisle, the store’s customers are very satisfied! The resale rate for labelled products is 75% since the space has optimal exposure!


The impressive results of E.Leclerc Pamplona are down to the teams’ dedication to using Smartway anti-waste solutions: employees are aware of food waste and quickly operational in managing shrinkage thanks to effective, easy-to-use solutions. 

Today, by skilfully combining the environment, productivity and profitability, E.Leclerc Pamplona is setting a glowing example in terms of anti-waste practices in Spain.

I am a big fan of Smartway solutions… Once you’ve tried them, there’s no going back!

Philippe Gruau, Owner of E.Leclerc Pamplona

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