Smartway has made it into the ECR Top 30 Innovations in Food Waste 2022

ECR Retail Loss, a network of hundreds of global retailers, partnered with Co:Cubed to conduct a global search for new ways to prevent, reduce and re-use food waste.

From a long list of 100+ global innovations, Smartway’s smart anti-waste solutions were among the top 30 rated retail innovations in the fight against food waste. The judging panel consisted of food waste experts from 30+ retailers from around the world.

“We’re very excited to see Smartway in the top 30. Reducing food waste in retail is an essential part of doing good business. And the organisations in the ECR Food Waste Innovation Challenge have the potential to save the retail industry billions as well.”

John Fonteijn, Chair of ECR Retail Loss

With a unique Artificial Intelligence-based platform, the Food Waste Management System, Smartway helps Retailers reduce food waste, optimize their store processes and significantly increase their revenues.

This is the case of our biggest customer: Auchan Retail France, which deployed our solution in its 351 supermarkets and hypermarkets in France in just 3 months. With our Food Waste Management System, in one full year, our Artificial Intelligence will have enabled Auchan to save 35 million food products

Our solutions have already enabled more than 900 stores in France and Europe to save 148 million food products since 2012!