Smart labeling station

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Station étiquetage Zéro-Gâchis mains opérateur

Ensure the resale and traceability of your short sell-by dates

65% waste reduction
x2 on short sell-by dates revenue

on average for our customers

Stocks traceability
Anti-fraud labels
Clear consumer information

old and new visible prices

Ultra fast printing

4 times faster, on average 

100% traceable and secured

The app recognizes the items in your store and guarantees traceability. It is directly linked to your stocks and prints new discounted labels with a new gencode.

The labels are blank and breakable: the whole setup is law compliant and prevents any possible fraud.

Imprimante thermique Zéro-Gâchis
Terminal Epsilon Smartway et station d'étiquetage

Specifically designed for supermarkets

The labeling printer is mobile, ergonomic, and allows teams to save time every day. It is the essential tool for an efficient organization.

Margins are precisely managed: short sell-by dates turnover is sorted by product families.

What do retailers think about us?

Being able to measure and improve our impact on the environment is really fulfilling.


Department manager, Hyper U, France

Previously, I had to calculate the discount to apply in my head, at the risk of making a mistake. And after that, everything had to be done by hand in the cash register. We were wasting a lot of time, and mistakes made customers unhappy. It's easier now.


Cashier, Leader Price, Belgium

Other owners are telling me about their problems since the new regulation. I respond that Smartway has already integrated the new promotion framework.


Director, Carrefour Market, France

In one year, I earned €50,000 thanks to the Zéro-Gâchis discounts. My food waste decreased by 0.4 point.


CEO, Intermarché Express, France

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The smart labeling station: the essential tool to slash food waste!