Supermarkets are checking an average of 20,000 items, every day

Food loss is dealt with early in the morning, when everything else is also a priority. As the number of references increases overtime and the expiry date control continues to be done manually, food waste management tends to be increasingly time-consuming.
Efficacité opérationnelle dans les rayons en grande surface

Facilitating the detection and recovery of products approaching their sell-by date leads to a better overall store efficiency.

Focus on your business

Our goal: bringing efficient apps to operators, designed to ideally fit in their daily routines. What looks like an extra step, at first sight, ends up increasing the team productivity every morning.
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Information System agnostic

Article automatic recognition, stocks updating...

Empowering people

Process optimization, analysis reports...

User-friendly apps

Quick and simple onboarding, for everybody

Integrated into daily routines

Apps built with retailers, for retailers

Each of our solutions aims for optimal efficiency

Store workers are our source of inspiration: we have been building our solutions to make their life easier. We test every one of them in real working conditions, and we adjust everything so that we are solving pain, not adding to the workload.

Smartdetection: efficient Expiry Date control

Check every aisle for short sell-by dates four times faster than the store average.
It is fast, secured, and totally woven into daily tasks.
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Smartdecision decides for you

Thanks to its ability to measure and compile a wide variety of metrics, this AI-powered assistant is the best asset to help your teams decide what to do with your items. It weighs the pros & cons, anticipates the results so that your employees don't have to.
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Smartdiscount: the discount labeling made easy

A fast and powerful way to sort and label your items on a daily basis.
The printer is mobile, ready-to-use, and easy to maintain.
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Smartdonation saves tons of time

Donating to charities takes a lot of energy, lots of paperwork. It's hard for teams to find the time on a daily basis to make sure this process goes smoothly.
It's even harder for everybody to keep track of the changes in the legislation, and very damageable if you're not 100% up to date.
Smartdonation does that for you.
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