Focus on your work, we'll provide everything to make it easier

All of our products are implemented according to your technical limitations. We stick around to help you with them and monitor your progress.
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No matter what your IS is, we make sure everything will work perfectly


Our teams will be in your store to set up the hardware and links


We train your teams on-site, and deliver updated supports on a regular basis

Customer success

A dedicated customer service manager helps top review and optimize the process directly in store. They also train newcomers given the opportunity.


Our solutions are always law compliant. Our self learning algorithms get better every day.

Customer service

In case of a technical issue: 7am to 7pm (Paris time), Monday-Saturday: +33 285 522 111.

Dedicated point of purchase

We can help you install and display a Smartway aisle, and assist with on-demand posters to help highlight your commitment to food waste reduction.
A dedicated aisle increases your average basket size: buying soon-to-expire items is a supplementary purchase and sometimes even increases footfalls in targeted areas of your store.

Statistical monitoring

Every month, you receive a detailed statistical report that will sum up your recent sales, discount rates, help you with inventory management, and witness the effects of your Smartway process.
You can ask for this report whenever you want: it is the perfect objective proof you need for sales or logistics meetings.