Take the best decision to save every product thanks to AI
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Every day, employees have to decide what to do with the products that are reaching their sell-by date.

Automated decision

Easier process for the teams: they don't have to choose the discount rates, or between discounts or donations


Discount rates are limited to the lawful limits

Safe donation

Smartdecision decides whether you can legally give an item to charity or not

95% resale rate

Optimizes the Food Waste Management System in itself

+51% net revenue

Thanks to a better coherence between the options available

Always improving

Based on Machine Learning: the more you use it, the better it gets.

An AI assistant for a fully optimized waste management process.

Discount or donation

Smart guidance toward the best possible rescue channel

Dynamic pricing

Apply the perfect markdown to sell as much as possible for the best price

Illustration du fonctionnement d'Easyturn pour la détection d'un produit sortant de la charte fraîcheur d'un magasin

What do retailers think?

The new French law about discount regulation disturbed our teams. With Smartdecision, everything is under control and we're not worried anymore.


Director, Hyper U, France

It was impossible to accurately set up day-to-day pricing, taking into account influx or weather forecasting. With the performance package, everything is automated and optimized.


Section Manager, E. Leclerc, France

We often have large amounts of food approaching their sell-by date. The AI, Epsilon, is telling us directly where to put every single unit. It's far more efficient.


Dairy section employee, ITM Hyper, France

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Get a fully optimized, AI-Powered food waste management system to stop throwing food items