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Employees check 100% of the products every day, but only 3.5% of them are about to expire

No expired products
4 times faster
100% detection
Automated alerts
Fitted to your own policy
Location guidance

Guided location feature

When deploying Easyturn, every product location is registered within the app.
Every morning, it guides your team directly and solely to the products they need to check.
The interface is designed to help users quickly find what they are looking for, and can easily be updated in case of reimplantation.
spatialisation en rayon frais - Easyturn Smartway
Chef de rayon GMS avec terminal de scan Smartway

Store sections are autonomous

Every store section is managed independently. The section manager setup is customized to fit their needs, and they receive reports ordered by product category.
Put into practice, users just need to scan a QR code located in every aisle to start the program and see the list of products that need to be checked out.

What retailers think of Smartdetection

My dairy date control shrank from one hour to only 15 minutes. My restock is now done every day before the opening.


Section Manager, Hyper U, France

Before Smartdetection, we were dealing with paper sheets and checked every product one by one to guarantee the respect of our freshness policy.


Quality Manager, E. Leclerc, France

Customers used to bring us expired goods they found on a regular basis.

Not anymore.


Hostess, E. Leclerc, France

This app covers all my needs and even allows me to monitor the food loss ratio and increase the implantation of some products.


Section Manager, Super U, France

Our markdown sales ramped up by 10% as soon as we deployed Smartdetection.


Owner, Intermarché, France

We are approximately 4 times faster now. To sum it up, Smartdetection allows us to anticipate so we can take better rescue actions.


Fresh Dpt. Manager, Intermarché, France

I no longer fear fraud controls.


Directeur, E. Leclerc, France

I've made more than €10,000 revenues withe products that were previously found expired in the aisles.


Director, Super U, France

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Smartdetection finds the short the sell-by dates, and will help you maximize profits while being 100% autonomous.