Optimize your store with our Food Waste Management System

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A Food Waste Management System is a global software suite that allows you to act on your store's shrink. Everything you need to act on and monitor food losses is centralized. The FWMS helps detect goods that are almost expired, decides what to do, and gives you the tools you need to do it quickly.
Our FWMS is based on years of improvement. It is an all-in-one, easy to use, AI-based suite. It has been built in close partnership with retailers to make sure every single pain in the food waste process is adressed.
Field effectiveness

Built with retail employees, for retail employees

Exhaustive tracking

Daily monitoring, on-demand reports, and monthly reporting

Lifetime support

With a dedicated team, here to help & improve

Getting better

On-going innovations to increase robustness, stability and accuracy

What can you do with the FWMS?


on short sell-by dates

Flexible discounts

Up to one % per product

New barcode

Anti-theft, law-compliant labels


Online data export, e-signature, inventory updates...

Items location

visual clues on the shelves

Works offline

Store-wide Wifi not mandatory

100% customisable

Family-dependant discount rates


Margins and rates monitoring

Dynamic pricing

Each discount rate is optimized

Stock management

Inventory tracking

Donation helper

What, when, and how to donate


Recognizes every item in the store

Unique to each store

Setup depending on freshness commitments