Secure and facilitate donations to charities
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Donating to charities is a complex process that demands extensive time and precision

Save time

On the donation process

Safe responsibility transfer

Thanks to the e-signature

Law compliant

Throughout the whole process

Less paper

Everything is digital

Online archives

Safe & easily accessible

Inventory update

Perfects your inventory management

Quicker and safer thanks to a 100% online process

Withdrawal slips are signed directly on the terminal and are lawfully filled and sent via email to charities.
You only need one point of access to the internet: everything works perfectly without a store-wide wifi access.
spatialisation en rayon frais - Easyturn Smartway
Illustration du fonctionnement d'Easyturn pour la détection d'un produit sortant de la charte fraîcheur d'un magasin

Linked to your store

Smartdonation is connected to your store: your products are registered and recognized, your inventory management is taken care of, and you keep control over your performances thanks to the reports.
Every item is individually tracked to guarantee continued tracking from the moment you buy it to the time you discount or donate it.

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Give to charities in a safe, law-compliant, and quick way.